Real-Time Utility Monitoring for Commercial Buildings

Real-time utility monitoring offers building owners and operators unprecedented levels of visibility into power consumption, water usage, and other utilities. These insights allow for a wide range of cost-saving measures, including reducing energy waste, lowering utility bills, and maximizing resource allocation.

Aside from enabling cost-saving opportunities, this technology is also a critical component in facility security. By capturing data in real time, the system can alert administrators to any breach within seconds and mitigate the risk of damage or theft before it has a chance to cause significant harm.

For example, let’s say that an alarm is triggered due to a sudden spike in electricity usage. A quick glance at the graph can reveal that an air conditioning unit is running, consuming a lot of energy. An immediate response can prevent a costly outage and even save energy, if the issue is quickly identified and resolved.

Interval data, typically collected through Green Button, may seem similar to real-time data. But if you look at the interval data for Wednesday morning at 9am, you’ll be looking at information from Monday afternoon, when it was collected every fifteen minutes. In that case, you can’t tell whether a problem occurred at any point in between.

This is why real-time tracking systems have a distinct advantage over interval data. They can capture data from meters as often as every second, which makes it much easier to identify potential problems and take action in the event of an emergency.

In addition to the instant availability of data, real-time tracking systems can offer an intuitive user interface with customizable dashboards and real-time data visualization that make it easy to see trends or anomalies. Many of these solutions are designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing utility management and infrastructure, so there’s minimal disruption or additional costs associated with installation.

OECM is proud to offer a variety of real-time tracking systems through our Marketplace. Fill out this form to talk to an expert and find out what solution is right for you.

Identifying and responding to power consumption issues in commercial buildings is an essential step in improving building efficiency, sustainability, and productivity. By implementing the right utilities monitoring system, businesses can eliminate inefficiencies and make their buildings more comfortable for employees. This translates to lower operating costs, improved productivity, and a more eco-friendly environment. We offer a variety of real-time tracking solutions for electricity, natural gas, water, heating and cooling fluids, and other utilities.

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