CloudGavel Wins Best Law Enforcement Software Award

Gavel is a legal document automation solution that streamlines common law firm tasks. It provides a range of features including an internal signature function and integrations with DocuSign, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and other document signing software. It also includes a public API and multiple integrations with other records and document management systems, as well as law firm practice management software. Gavel is available on a monthly or annual subscription, with support provided via phone and FAQs.

Gavel provides various document settings allowing teams to configure a naming convention, duplicate documents for repeating items and modify display settings for the end-user. Users can also create questionnaires with multiple question types, including text, checkboxes, number, dropdown, yes/no, and multi-choice. The system also supports multiple workflows and document version control. Gavel has several security measures in place to protect client data and prevent unauthorized access.

The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is a subsidiary of FusionStak LLC. Its products include the market-leading Electronic Warrant Solution and Arrest Warrant Xchange. Using the eWarrant solution, police officers can log on from any internet-capable device and generate a warrant within minutes. The warrant is then electronically sent to a judge or DA for review and approval.

By using the eWarrant solution, law enforcement agencies save time and money by reducing unplanned overtime spent on processing paperwork. They can also increase the number of officers on patrol, thereby decreasing crime rates. In addition, they can improve their overall efficiency by redeploying officers away from the administrative duties of completing and filing paperwork.

FusionStak’s leadership team is comprised of a dynamic group of professionals who share a passion for technology and a dedication to the community. They are the founders of the Electronic Warrant concept and have made it their mission to deliver the best solutions on the market. They are the driving force behind CloudGavel’s success and deserve this honorable recognition.

Gavel enables law enforcement personnel to save countless hours, days and even weeks of lost time by automating the process of generating arrest and search warrants. The software can be used from any internet-capable device, making it easier to track cases and ensure that the proper procedures are followed. It also helps save on unplanned overtime, which can add up to thousands of dollars a year.

The eWarrant solution is one of the most powerful tools for police departments, helping to reduce criminal activity and make communities safer. The company is continuing to innovate and expand its services, including a new mobile app that will allow Sheriffs to approve warrants from their iPhones or iPads. This will help them respond to crime faster and keep the community safe. The company is also working with the National Command and Staff College to provide access to their training courses for police officers through Gavel. This will greatly accelerate the pace of training and reduce costs for police gavel

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