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We advise SMEs and international companies on domestic and cross-border projects. We are your partners in all matters concerning taxes and commercial law – personally at our offices or directly on site.

Lawyer Hattingen is a leading business law firm in Germany that provides corporate and commercial legal services. Their clients include national and international companies from all sectors of industry. They specialize in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments, and restructuring. They also have experience handling private equity and securities law.

The city of Hattingen was founded in the 8th century by Saxon tribes. It was named after the hill where the old Hattuarian settlement stood above the river-ford. After Emperor Charlemagne subjugated the Saxons, the old Hattuarian settlement evolved into an imperial court. Its 20 aulic farmyards were spread across the countryside from Elfringhausen to Stuter and Stiepel.

During the “Julich-Klevischen Erbfolgestreit” (War of the Julich Succession), the city and the communities of Blankenstein, Bredenscheid-Stuter, Niederelfringhausen, Oberelfringhausen, and Stuter are occupied by the Spanish army. The community reorganises itself to establish a larger and more modern city. In this process, the Henrichshutte is saved from disassembly.
Practice areas

A legal practice area is the branch of law in which an attorney specializes. It can be a broad field, such as corporate and commercial law, or narrow, such as tax law. It can also be a specific industry such as insurance or employment law.

Business lawyers advise clients on all aspects of national and international business transactions, including negotiating and drafting contracts, advising on mergers and acquisitions, and resolving disputes and litigation. They may also help clients set up business entities and raise capital by selling stock or securities.

This practice area includes all matters relating to the energy sector, with a particular focus on electricity projects. Work included here encompasses project financing structures involving agency lenders (DFIs, ECAs and multilateral agencies), but does not include the separate Projects: Power, Projects: Oil & Gas or Projects: LNG tables.
Areas of expertise

Lawyer Hattingen is a leading law firm that provides first-class legal solutions made in Germany. Its interdisciplinary teams advise SMEs, major corporations and investment holdings in all areas of national and international business law. They are experienced in negotiating contracts and providing advice on complex projects, such as joint ventures and acquisitions. They also handle litigation and dispute resolution cases.

They have extensive experience in real estate law, including property taxation, zoning and title insurance policies. They are also knowledgeable about intellectual property rights and corporate finance. They are highly skilled at resolving conflicts and disputes and have good analytical thinking skills.

A lawyer may charge an hourly rate, a flat fee, or a contingent fee. It’s important to understand what each type of fee includes or excludes before choosing an attorney. A fixed fee is a standard price for a specific type of legal matter, such as preparing a will. Attorneys should never commingle client funds with their own personal accounts and must transfer money from their office account to their personal account only as it is earned.

In the United States, attorney fees (also called attorneys’ fees or legal fees) are compensation paid to an attorney for services rendered on behalf of a client, in or out of court. They are distinct from fines, compensatory and punitive damages, and court costs. Attorney fees may be awarded by a court in cases where the law allows for it.Rechtsanwalt Hattingen

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