Find a Curly Hairdresser in Melbourne

Looking for a salon that truly understands your curls? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite curly (and wavy and textured) hair approved salons!

The high priest of kinks and loops, Neel, makes his Fitzroy salon a shrine to curls. He’s an advocate for dry haircutting, a technique that helps minimise shrinkage and reduce hair breakage.
Pirie Street Hair

Pirie Street Hair are a boutique salon, with a focus on treating your curls with the care they deserve. Located in Melbourne’s lifestyle precincts, you’ll be surrounded by native flowers and scented candles as you get your mane treated.

Jess at Fabric Hair is a curly hair specialist who loves empowering her clients to embrace their natural curls. Clients can expect an amazing cut and tips to keep their curls looking fine.
Mousey Brown

Mousey brown is a light, ash-brown color that’s often described as being bland and uninteresting. It’s a color that works well on people with cool skin tones and provides a natural, earthy appearance.

This Prahran salon is all about curl empowerment and uses a deconstructed method of dry cutting to cut shapes that compliment your curves. This is a true specialist that prioritizes helping clients with their specific hair textures and needs.
Maiden Hair

Colour Diva Belle is renowned as one of the best Hair Colorists in Australia. She has a special focus on curls and textured strands, educating hairdressers on cutting, hydrating and styling curly hair.

Maidenhair is een labyrinth van verhalen in verhalen, die steeds euforisch kreupelen; een gigantisch tableau waarin beelden zich meer hebben gedaan en grenzen van tijden en ruimte totaal worden gebruikt.
Ginger and Curls

Embracing your natural curls is becoming increasingly popular, and there are plenty of salons around Australia that will help you get your groove on with your curly hair. These Gina approved salons are experts when it comes to curly, wavy and textured hair.

At Project One, Jill offers a dry cut technique, cutting each curl individually and using a free hand style. She also provides a hydration service, which includes education on how to care for your curls at home.
Curly and Co Hair

With clients referred to as ‘curlfriends’, this Prahran salon knows what curls need. Stylists here are trained in DevaCurl methods and focus on educating their clients about maintaining textured hair through manageable routines.

Kneel down, ringlet lovers, and worship at the altar of Neel Morley, Melbourne’s high priest of kinks and loops. He lives, breathes and loves curls, and his salon is a testament to this.
Yeah The Curls

Using a deconstructed dry cutting technique and curly girl approved products, Yeah The Curls is committed to creating beautiful hair in a relaxed and warm environment. Their clients have noticed a difference in their curls and love their new style!

Kimberley founded the salon to bring a fresh approach to caring for curly hair. She is passionate about educating other stylists and believes there is a lack of great information out there. Her shiniest pearl of wisdom is all about hydration.
Aoki Hair

Fleur works with a deconstructed dry cut method, creating shapes that compliment your curl pattern and personal features. She is a curly hair specialist that embraces all things curls and waves.

Please DON’T arrive with your hair in a ponytail, bun or up in any way as it will alter the curl pattern of your hair. Please also bring a towel for the length of your appointment.
Wenz Hair

Wrenn is fully trained in the Curly Girl Method, and she uses Milkshake Colours as they are gentler on hair. She loves working with wavy and curly hair and wants to help her clients embrace their natural texture.

Kneel down people, and bow to this high priest of kinks and loops. Hermiz is a true curl specialist, and his Fitzroy salon is like a shrine.curly hairdresser melbourne

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