How Conservatory Roofs Can Make Your Conservatory More Usable

If you have an old conservatory that feels too hot in summer or cold in winter, having roof insulation performed will make your room much more usable. It will also reduce glare from sunlight and improve sound insulation.

Glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs look beautiful and flood the space with natural light, but they don’t insulate well and can be too noisy. If you want to transform your conservatory into a room that can be used all year round, then a tiled conservatory roof is the solution.

Tiled Ultraroofs

Transform your old conservatory into a comfortable all-year-round living space with the help of an advanced tiled roof from Ultraframe. These solid roofs use magnificent and durable replica tiles to create a stunning aesthetic, which is sure to complement any modern new build or add a touch of class to a traditional property. They are also thermally efficient, retaining home heat during the winter and keeping the sun’s harsh glare off your furniture in the summer.

Unlike other solid roofs, Ultraroofs do not put extra pressure on your existing frames and foundations and they can be fitted without the need for structural tie bars. This allows for uninterrupted vaulted ceilings and brings a real sense of grandeur to your new living space. Plus, they are precision engineered using NASA satellite data to meet your local wind and snow load requirements and comply with Building Regulations. This makes them the perfect solution for new build conservatories.

Lean-to Conservatories

Lean to conservatories are a great option for homeowners who want a minimalist look. They are typically built with floor to ceiling glass and are supported by brick pillars or low level brick walls (known as dwarf walls).

These types of conservatories are ideal for terraced properties and bungalows because their roof design is low-pitched. They can also be adapted to fit the style of the house.

They can be used as a standalone room or combined with other styles to create P, T and L shaped conservatories. Combinations of Victorian, Georgian or Gable designs with a Lean-to section can give you more space for entertaining and relaxing.

Homeowners can choose between full height and dwarf wall frames, and the size of the frame will have a big impact on the overall cost of the conservatory. It is important to find a reliable installer who uses high-quality materials. The best way to do this is to ask for references from other homeowners who have had a conservatory installed by the same company.

Double-Pitch Conservatories

Double-hipped conservatories offer a unique roof style with a pitch on both sides. This creates a ‘wedding-cake effect’ with stylish glass windows surrounding a central structure. This design is a popular choice for bungalows and other height-restricted properties.

These are similar to dual-pitch conservatories, but use different components to provide a more streamlined and cost effective construction. They are more elegant but involve significantly more material than lean-to roofs and take longer to fabricate.

Available in Edwardian or Victorian styles, gable conservatories are ideal for larger properties and offer a grand and enlightening space with a striking triangular front. This allows floor to ceiling windows and gives a wonderful feel of light and space. These also come with the option of cresting and finials for a truly personal touch.

Velux Conservatories

It’s hard to enjoy your double-glazed all-glass conservatory when it’s too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Insulating your conservatory will help you get more use out of this space throughout the year.

AQW is skilled in building made to measure orangeries that will blend seamlessly with your existing home through your brickwork, creating an appearance that makes it look like your conservatory has always been there. Our premium Evaroof roofs are tailor-made on a conservatory by conservatory basis to ensure you can enjoy perfect thermal efficiency – with lower energy bills and total comfort 365 days a year.

Our tiled Ultraroofs feature 70% slimmer sightlines than the alternative glass and polycarbonate roofs, allowing for more natural light to flood in and brighten your room. This will help your room feel bigger and more spacious. The tiles can be customised to complement your property’s style, while the internal aluminium capping helps reduce glare and heat build-up. conservatory roofs cardiff

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