What is Shuttle Mediation?

If you do not wish to sit in the same room as your ex-partner then’shuttle mediation’ is an option. This involves you and your partner staying in separate rooms while the mediator moves between them.

This can also be done remotely online or by phone. It is something that we will discuss with you at your MIAM appointment.
It is a cost-effective alternative to litigation

If you choose to go through mediation rather than going to court, you’ll find that it is a far more cost-effective and less stressful option. The process is also far quicker than traditional court proceedings. You can also resolve your dispute on a more amicable basis, which can be helpful for the future of your relationship.

The process begins with an initial ’open’ session where all parties attend the mediation together. At this session the mediator will re-emphasise their impartiality and the voluntary, confidential nature of the mediation. The mediator will then set out the foundations for the private sessions with each party.

If both parties agree to shuttle mediation it can be useful to have solicitors present at some or all of the sessions. This can help both sides to feel more secure in their positions and ensure that any proposals they make are fully legalised on the spot. This option can also be a more cost-effective option, if the parties are willing to split the costs of the mediation sessions and solicitors’ attendance.
It is confidential

If both parties agree to shuttle mediation, the process will take place without them being in the same room. The mediator will still meet each party individually to discuss their issues and needs and explore what they would like to achieve from the mediation.

Shuttle mediation can be conducted in person or over the internet and is a good option for people who find it difficult to sit in the same room together. This type of mediation can also be used for neighbour disputes, such as noise levels.

It’s a cost-effective alternative to litigation and allows for more collaborative solutions. It can also reduce the amount of stress for all parties involved. The mediator can help the parties to cut through superfluous information and hone in on the one or two big issues that need to be resolved. In addition, shuttle mediation can increase trust between the parties. However, it can be slower than face-to-face mediation.
It is flexible

During shuttle mediation, both parties are in separate rooms while the mediator ‘shuttles’ between them. This can be useful in situations where former couples don’t feel comfortable meeting in the same room due to emotional issues or power imbalances. It also allows both parties to express their concerns without putting themselves at risk of intimidation or retaliation.

Shuttle mediation can also be conducted online and over the phone, as well as in person. In the case of an online meeting, the mediator will usually have a 15-minute session with each party before switching rooms. This can be helpful if the mediation is a highly emotive subject, or if you are unable to meet face-to-face because of a Covid-19 outbreak.

In hybrid mediation, the mediator can spend longer sessions with each party enabling them to discuss their proposals in more detail. This can be especially useful for parents wishing to discuss issues such as child contact.
It is fast

Shuttle mediation is an excellent option for resolving business disputes, particularly when the parties are located in different places. This method of dispute resolution allows businesses to resolve disagreements without losing valuable time and resources. In addition, it is a good option for preserving business relationships.

Shuttle Mediation is also useful in resolving family disputes, especially when there are children involved. Parents may feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information in a one-on-one session with a mediator rather than sharing the same room with their ex-partner.

The mediator can help the disputants communicate by paraphrasing and summarising their statements, which can lead to a more satisfying resolution. This type of mediation can also save both parties money, and is often more cost-effective than litigation. Whether you are pursuing a divorce or resolving a child issue, shuttle mediation can help you resolve your dispute quickly and efficiently.shuttle mediation uk

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