What Is PT Online?

PT Online is a way for people to get the expert guidance of a personal trainer without the commitment of attending sessions in person. This is great for those with busy schedules or travelling regularly. The services offered by PTs Online will vary but generally they offer a bespoke training programme alongside weekly check-in calls and feedback. They will also be able to provide nutrition advice based on their Level 3 personal trainer qualification. 1. Less expensive A lot of personal trainers work out of a gym or fitness centre and they tend to source their clients through the gym floor. This is a great way for trainers to build their business and get the exposure they need, but it can also limit what services they can offer. PT Online, on the other hand, breaks down these barriers to client access and makes it possible for people from all over the world to benefit from a personal trainer’s expertise and support. Every online PT will offer slightly different packages but most will offer some form of virtual programme with weekly check-in sessions over Zoom or similar. Typically, these sessions will involve the PT asking their clients to film their workouts and giving them feedback in order to hold them accountable. They might also ask clients to track their food intake or make notes and comments in an app like QuickCoach, for example. 2. Flexibility Online Personal Training can be done from anywhere in the world – providing that you have a reliable internet connection and a suitable space to train. This makes it ideal if work, family or other commitments make it difficult to schedule in-person sessions. Good online trainers will ask prospective clients to complete a PAR-Q form or have an initial consultation before setting them up with a programme. This will allow them to plan an effective, safe and achievable programme that can be carried out on the client’s terms. To keep their clients accountable, online PTs may also get clients to film their workouts or have regular video check-ins so they can see that the client is putting in the work and not taking too long a glance at their Twix. 3. Accountability Depending on the level of support an online trainer offers their clients some will provide all they need to complete their programme without any face to face sessions, others may use questionnaires, have a brief onboarding consultation over the phone or a video check in session to make sure that their programmes can be safely carried out by their client. Others will also encourage their clients to film their workouts or give feedback via a text or video call. This type of accountability really boosts motivation and is a great way to ensure that PT Distinction clients meet their goals. This type of accountability is essential for any personal training business. If a trainer doesn’t offer this, you’d do well to look elsewhere. You deserve the best online personal trainer. 4. No travel When pursuing online personal training, the client is no longer required to travel to a particular gym or studio. This is a great option for anyone who travels for work or has a lifestyle that sees them moving around a lot. They will be able to train from any location that is suitable and provides the equipment they need, which can even include their own home. The PT will be able to offer advice and guidance through phone or video call as well, which can help the client to stay on track between sessions. They will also be able to keep tabs on the client’s progress through regular texts and emails, which can be helpful in providing motivation and accountability. They can also be used as a way to send reminders for appointments. 5. More convenient Online personal training can be a great option for people with busy schedules. Being able to workout from home can save time when compared to driving to a gym or using up your MetroCard for a subway ride. Additionally, a lot of pre-recorded PT online classes are short enough to be done during a lunch break. Another benefit of telehealth is that it allows you to continue to receive PT sessions even during times of crisis like the pandemic. Getting sick, traveling, or a flare up in your injury can easily derail a regular course of treatment and cause gaps in care that can set you back long term. Keeping up with a regular regimen even when life throws you curve balls can make all the difference for achieving your short and long-term goals.

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