Top 5 Fire Nozzle Manufacturers

Fire fighting Nozzles are crucial tools that connect to the end of a fire hose. They are the last line of defense against a raging fire, so it is important to select the right one for each situation.

A nozzle can be used to disperse water or another medium, such as AFFF foam, depending on the fire type. Choosing the right nozzle can increase your department’s efficiency in combating fires.

Elkhart Brass

For more than 110 years, Elkhart Brass has innovated firefighting equipment for use by local and national departments. Its products are renowned for their durability, reliability and quality craftsmanship. The company produces a wide range of firefighting equipment, including fire nozzles and electric monitors that give firefighters the ability to control water from a distance. The company also specializes in research and development, engineering, and product testing, thanks to 3D rapid prototyping capabilities, a dedicated flow test facility, and a complete product machine shop.

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Akron Brass

Akron Brass manufactures firefighting equipment, including nozzles, monitors and valves. These products are engineered and tested to provide superior fire suppression and emergency response. In addition, the company provides a wide variety of scene and vehicle lighting and fire truck accessories.

The Revolution intake valve features a patent-pending handwheel design that offers increased control and leverage. This allows the firefighter to easily grab and adjust the valve, improving operating efficiency for the entire team. This compact fire truck intake valve is also easy to fit and won’t obstruct surrounding discharges or equipment on the pump panel.

The blitz tip nozzle provides high volume low pressure operations for forestry / wildland and any application with a smooth bore nozzle at 400 gpm at 50 psi. This nozzle includes a pistol grip and a Pyrolite shutoff. A handle kit is available for older style shutoff bodies to replace damaged or missing handles. This nozzle is easy to operate with simple straight stream to fog pattern adjustments.


Leader is a global manufacturer and supplier of fire-fighting equipment. The company produces higher performing systems that provide more reliable results in fire fighting and search and rescue applications. Its products are used worldwide by fire-fighting, marine, risk-prone industries and NGO’s. The company is based in West Chester, PA. It recently introduced the Dragon XL nozzle, which is built for big flow operations.

Despite a recent decline in wildfire incidents, the fire hose and nozzle market is expected to grow steadily in 2022. This growth is due to increasing demand for the devices in developed countries and growing fire safety awareness.

The company offers several models of hose nozzles, including the Patriot, Defender automatic and Defender constant gallonage nozzles. It also offers the A-FAST series of nozzles, which can attack attic fires from the exterior with a wide spray pattern. Other models are designed for basement and wall fires. Its products are sold in over 50 countries.

Task Force Tip

A leading manufacturer of life-saving firefighting equipment, Task Force Tip (TFT) is committed to improving the lives of firefighters worldwide. Their products include nozzles and fixed and ground monitors, as well as valves and flow meters. They also offer air filtration technologies that protect first responders from cancer-causing particulates, VOCs and bacteria.

TFT revolutionized portable monitors over 20 years ago and continues to push the limits with its newest models. Their latest master stream nozzles, the VORTEX 2 and 2 ER, provide multiple options and superior stream and fog pattern performance.

Founded in 1968 by Clyde McMillan, the company is still managed with the personal touch of its founder. Today, TFT’s world headquarters in Valparaiso, Indiana houses manufacturing operations and a robust support system of service and technical assistance for suppliers and customers nozzle manufacturers

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