The Best Milk Storage Bags

Whether you’re pumping for a new baby or donating to a community of moms in need, milk storage is an important step in the breastfeeding process. But it’s not a task that comes without challenges: Leaks and spills are common, so choosing a durable bag that prevents them is key. You’ll also want a seal that locks in moisture to keep the milk fresh, plus a capacity that allows for growth as your baby grows. We’ve rounded up the best milk storage bags, which we’ve tested for leak- and spill-proofness, versatility, value, pumping compatibility, and ease of use.

Most women pump at least some of their breastmilk, so they can go through milk storage bags pretty quickly. That’s why you’ll want to choose a brand that offers the most bang for your buck. While some moms swear by the high-end bags that are designed for pumping directly into, others find more budget-friendly options work just as well. And while they may lack some of the bells and whistles of higher-priced options, Target’s exclusive up & up milk storage bags are one of the most affordable on the market. They’re thick and durable, with a double-zipper lock to ensure that the milk stays fresh and safe inside. They even have a space on top to write in your information, a feature that’s especially helpful for sleep-deprived new moms.

In our testing, these milk storage bags held up to 6 ounces of breast milk, and they lay flat for storage and stack well in the freezer. They’re easy to use, with a wide opening that makes pouring milk in and out simple and an asymmetrical tear-off top. And while they don’t quite fit as easily into bottles as some other bags, many moms say the easy-to-read labels are a big help.

The only downside of these milk storage bags is that they’re a bit bulkier than other plastic options and didn’t stand up as well in tests, meaning you might have to store them upright (although they do have a little pouch to make it easier). But they are microwave- and boiling water-safe, so they’re quick to reheat, and they also come with a sterilizing cap.

While they’re not specifically designed for pumping into, thousands of mothers say these milk storage bags are a breeze to use. They have a convenient cut-and-pour spout, as well as temperature-sensing labels to let you know when the milk is cold or the optimal feeding temperature. And while they’re a bit more expensive than other bags, thousands of moms agree that the extra peace of mind is worth it.

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