Spider-Gwen Adult Costume – The Female Spider-Man From Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse introduced fans to Miles Morales but there was another character that stole the hearts of many. The lovable Gwen Stacy is sure to make a great addition to your group of superheroes this Halloween.

Become the edgy, spunky superhero in this Women’s Spider-Gwen Costume. It includes a hooded jumpsuit and a detachable mask to complete the look.
Hooded Jumpsuit

In this Spider gwen adult costume, you can transform into the popular character from the Marvel blockbuster movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This female version of Peter Parker shows up in a separate universe, where she is bitten by a radioactive spider and develops her own superhero powers. Gwen has become a fan favorite thanks to her witty comebacks and unique style.

Recreate this look from the film with this hooded jumpsuit that includes a fabric mask. The jumpsuit is white, black, and pink, just like the colors of Gwen’s suit. It features the classic Spider-Gwen logo and web motif.

The hood is designed with the same rebellious, stylish look as the rest of the costume. Wear it to a Halloween party, comic book convention, or other fan events. Pair this costume with a pair of sneakers and gloves to finish the look. This Spider gwen costume is officially licensed by Marvel, which guarantees authenticity.
Character Mask

Known by many names including Gwen Stacy and Ghost-Spider, your child can embrace her newfound identity as Spider-Gwen in this hooded jumpsuit costume. Complete with a mask that hides her eyes, this costume is sure to turn heads at Halloween parties. Just add a pair of blue sneakers and white gloves to finish the look.

This deluxe Spider gwen costume is perfect for women and children who want to embody the character from the popular movie and TV franchise. The jumpsuit is made from a superior blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex for both comfort and durability. Its design replicates the costume of the character down to the smallest detail, offering an authentic cosplay experience.

In the alternate universe of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it was Gwen Stacy instead of Peter Parker who got bitten by a radioactive spider and gained her own Spider-Man abilities. With her pink and black uniform, witty comebacks, and unique powers, this alternate version of our favorite web-slinger has become a fan-favorite.

Whether they’re scaling the walls at playtime or swinging from building to building while trick-or-treating, your little Spider-kid will be ready for action when they wear this Women’s Spider Gwen Costume. Its hood and mask will help them look just like their favorite female spider hero, and the white wrist-length gloves bring their look to life.

These Authentic licensed The Amazing Spider-Man deluxe long costume accessory gloves are the perfect addition to your webslinger costume! They’re great on their own, and even better with other Spider-Man costumes and accessories available in our store.

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Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s girlfriend and later his partner in crime-fighting as Spider-Woman or Ghost-Spider in the new Spider-Verse universe, is a fashionista and an all-around cool girl. She rocks a trendy haircut and eyebrow piercings, she wears an oversized sweater over a plain shirt, and she is usually seen wearing sneakers.

In the film, she attends Brooklyn Visions Academy, a special computer science school, where she meets Miles Morales aka Spider-Man and helps him adapt to his superhero powers. To recreate her preppy school uniform look, simply layer a sweater over a basic shirt and pair with a skirt and knee-high boots or sneakers.

Gwen’s signature pose when she isn’t fighting crime involves a sort of dancer’s crouch, where you have one foot in front of the other with your heel touching the toe of your back foot. You can practice your stance by standing in your room with your feet together and then swinging your arms like you are dancing.

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