Siberia – 80 Degrees White Extremely Strong

siberia Snus is a smokeless tobacco product that provides the same nicotine as cigarettes. It reduces or eliminates the risks of lung cancer, COPD and vascular disease. It also reduces the risk of oral and pharyngeal cancers.

A number of scientific publications based on different studies and data sets have shown that snus doesn’t increase the risk for stomach cancer.

Product description

Siberia -80 Degrees White Extremely Strong is an extra strong tobacco-free snus with 43mg/g nicotine content. The product is a mix of white and red fine cut tobacco with an ice cold mint flavour for a great invigorating effect. This is the driest product in the Siberia range and so it runs less and holds on to its flavour for longer. This makes it a perfect choice for experienced nicotine pouch users.

Swedish snus is made from air-dried ground tobacco that may come from Scania and Malardalen in central Sweden or Kentucky in the US. It is mixed with salt, an alkalizing agent such as sodium carbonate (E500), and food grade aromas. It is snorted through the nose to release free nicotine that is absorbed by mucous membranes in the mouth. Research shows that snus is a safer alternative to smoking and chewing tobacco. It is not as harmful to the oral microbiota, a group of bacteria that play a crucial role in maintaining oral health.

It is available, refrigerated, in the US at select smokeshops and supermarkets. It is not as popular there as the much sweeter, American-style snus that is sold at convenience stores. The American snus does not use the same tobacco as Swedish snus and has different production methods, which may explain why it is less likely to disrupt the natural balance of oral microbiota.


A key ingredient of Swedish snus is ground tobacco that has been air-cured. This unique process allows the snus to retain its natural flavor while also being able to deliver high levels of nicotine. The tobacco used in Swedish snus is sourced from various countries, including Sweden and the United States.

Snus is made by grinding air-dried tobacco and mixing it with water, salt, and food grade aromas. It is then processed using a heating method. The resulting moist snus is then packed into small tin cans, where it is stored until it is sold at Scandinavian smokeshops in the form of individual sachets that resemble miniature tea bags. These sachets are placed between the gums and lips for an enjoyable smoking experience.

Smokers who use snus regularly are much less likely to suffer from a variety of health problems. These benefits include lower stress and depression, and improved positive mood and quality of life compared to smokers who have not yet stopped smoking.

Snus is a popular alternative to cigarettes in Sweden. It is a safer product than regular tobacco, but it is not without its risks. A few epidemiological studies have reported a higher risk of myocardial infarction, or heart attack, among snus users. Other potential risks of snus use include oral microbiota imbalance, and increased risk of gum disease.


Snus can be made in a wide range of flavors. Some of them are more unusual than others, but they all contain high amounts of nicotine. Many of them are also quite dry, which means that they take a bit longer to initially drip than normal snus.

Some of the most popular varieties of snus are those with a mint flavor. These are particularly suited to users who want an intense kick of nicotine, as they tend to have the highest nicotine content and strongest flavors. Other brands also offer fruit varieties, such as lemon, which adds some extra freshness and stimulates the taste buds.

Other types of snus have a less traditional taste and can be used by those who like a bit more subtle experience. These can often be more mild in terms of nicotine strength, but still deliver a good amount of flavor and come with moist original portions that sit comfortably under the lip.

Snus is a popular choice for those who want to cut down on their tobacco consumption, or even quit smoking altogether. Many snus users have reported that they have found it useful as an alternative to cigarettes, and that it helps them to feel more relaxed in stressful situations. It has also been reported that snus use can help to reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.


Snus is traditionally marketed in the form of chewable sachets of tobacco. It can also be used as a loose powder that is mixed with water and salt before being heated, with food grade aromas added afterwards. Loose snus can be shaped with the fingers, or with a special purpose-made cylindrical device called a pris (pinch), buga, prilla or prell and placed under the upper lip, or in the nasal cavity as nasal snus or luktsnus (American dipping tobacco). Snus is not inhaled and does not affect the lungs, hence lower concentrations of harmful substances than smoking tobacco.

The traditional form is the original portion, introduced in 1973. It consists of moistened sachet material, usually made from rye or other high quality air-dried tobacco that is moistened during the manufacturing process, resulting in a brown, moist pouch. A variation is white portion, which uses a drier sachet material to achieve a more mild-tasting and slower release of nicotine and flavor.

Nico design can is a stylish aluminium can that allows you to store your portions safely. It comes with a catch lid that snaps in and out of place and has a small compartment in the top to discard your used bags. It holds 500g of Siberia -80c Extremely Strong White Dry which contains ultra-high nicotine levels of 43mg per gram, providing a powerful and refreshing spearmint flavour experience.

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