RV Detailing Services

RV detailing services help maintain the resale value of your investment. It also helps keep it looking, feeling and smelling like new.

Unlike home cleaning, RV detailing requires qualified skill and knowledge of products and techniques. There are several different levels of RV detailing. Each level costs differently. This article covers a few of the most basic ones.


The exterior of your RV can be very challenging due to the sheer size and number of surfaces. It is also exposed to the same elements as any vehicle – dirt, bugs, bird droppings, ice, road debris and the sun’s UV rays. RVs can suffer from oxidation and chalking from long-term exposure. These problems need to be addressed before any other work can be done.

Depending on the condition of your RV, you may need to have it repainted. This can be a costly option and requires special care to ensure the surface is properly prepped. It is also important to use paint that will stand up to the flexing of an RV and the elements. This is usually a latex-based paint but epoxy paints can be used as well.

Many RV detailing services include a basic wash and a minimal interior detail in their price. However, if your RV has a dirty, moldy or mildew-ridden interior, this can add a significant amount to the overall cost of the service.


The interior of an RV is just as important as the exterior. A clean and tidy interior will help the occupants feel more comfortable, and it may also increase resale value. RV detailing services may include cleaning or restoring upholstery and carpeting, as well as odor removal. Some services may even paint the interior, which can brighten and modernize it.

Unlike maid services, an RV detailing service will likely be able to offer more comprehensive services because they will be able to wash and detail the entire vehicle. The price of an RV detailing service will depend on the level of detail required, the type and size of the RV, and any add-ons.

It is important to look at the level of experience and brand of an RV detailing company before choosing a service. A service with many years of experience will typically cost more than a newer, less experienced company. You should also ask about the products and equipment used during the detailing process.


An awning is a device used to shade an exterior door, window, or porch area from the sun and rain. They are typically made of a heavy-duty fabric or metal and can be either permanent or retractable. They are commonly used on commercial vehicles or residential homes.

An awning can also be used as a way to add curb appeal to a house or business. It can also help to reduce energy costs by reducing the amount of sunlight that enters the space.

Whether your awning is made from canvas, polyester, acrylic or another material, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew, dirt, lichens, bird droppings and other environmental pollutants from embedding in the fabric. These can erode the fibers over time, compromising the integrity of the awning and causing it to degrade prematurely. A professional cleaner can use a variety of specialized cleaning techniques to effectively clean your awning without damaging it. They can also provide regular maintenance and care services.


Aside from regular maintenance like checking tire pressure and using a tire rebalancer, RV tires need special care because they are under much greater stress than the tires on cars and light trucks. Tires should be inflated to the manufacturer’s load rating (total weight of vehicle, passengers, cargo and fuel). It is also important to keep spare tires covered to protect them from sun damage.

In addition, regular cleaning and waxing of RV tires will prevent oxidation. You can purchase products like Meguiar’s M4916 Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover to help protect your investment.

It’s also a good idea to weigh your RV on a scale periodically to make sure that you are not overloaded. You can find public weighing stations at moving and storage companies, gravel pits and recycling companies. Be sure to check for hours of operation and any fees involved.

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