Nectre N15 Wood Heater Review

This South Australian made wood heater is a timeless radiant heater that provides fantastic warmth to around 140 square meters of living space. It has a tiny footprint and produces a remarkable 15kW peak heat output, enough to combat those winter chills.

The N15 wood heater has a cast iron door, a cool touch spring handle and thick firebrick lining that adds to its thermal mass.


The Nectre N15 Wood Heater is beautifully compact yet has a remarkable radiant heating capacity of up to 160m2. Available on legs, pedestal and woodstacker base it can be used to add some warmth and style to any living space.

This Australian Made(r) heater is a perfect addition to any small sized home and combines efficiency and a great looking aesthetic with a remarkably low carbon footprint. With a high efficiency rating and a modest heat output this is one of the most efficient wood heaters on the market.

With a renowned efficiency rating of 73% this heater is a stand out feature and makes it easy to save energy on your power bill. Combine this with the stylish French design of this unit and you’ll be hard pressed to find another freestanding wood heater that can compare. If you’re ready to upgrade your heating options and slash your power bills, call in today for more information.


The Nectre N15 Wood Heater is one of the most efficient wood heaters in its class. With a 73% efficiency rating it will save you money on your energy bills. This high efficiency unit also has an emission factor of just 1.3 g/kg which is one of the lowest on the market making it the perfect choice for your home or business.

Developed by a local manufacturer with over 40 years experience, the Nectre range of wood heaters are designed and built tough to Australian living conditions. They come in a variety of styles and designs from traditional to contemporary to suit all needs. Using the latest in technology, the Nectre wood heaters are tested inside their own factory to ensure emissions are within AS/NZS 4013 standards. The MK1 is the most popular model in the range and it can heat a living area of around 185 square meters. It has a few other noteworthy features such as a self-cleaning window and a very quiet fan.


The Nectre N15 Wood Heater is simple, classic and compact but offers an impressive radiant heating capacity of up to 160m2. This freestanding wood heater adds some cosy charm to any room and comes in 3 configurations – a wood stacker or pedestal design that’ll fit any decor.

Designed and manufactured in Dry Creek, South Australia, for over 40 years, the Nectre range of wood heaters is built to last. Using Australian steel and other local materials, they’re simple but rugged in design and can withstand the toughest winters.

The Nectre N15 Wood Heater offers a surprisingly large firebox that’ll hold a standard log yard load. It features a cool touch spring handle to make loading easier and has thick firebrick lining for durability. It also has a cast iron door with ceramic glass for safety. A 10 year firebox warranty and tech support from Australia’s biggest wood heating group gives you peace of mind that your new Nectre will be warm and safe for years to come.


The Nectre N15 Wood Heater is a classic, simple and compact design but boasts an impressive radiant heating capacity of up to 160m2. With a modest heat output it’s perfect for warming small living areas like an opulent master bedroom or cosy home office.

It’s a great choice for those looking to slash their energy costs, with an eco-friendly self-cleaning window and quiet 3 speed fan. It’s also a stylish addition to any room, delivering an eye-catching focal point that will impress friends and family.

The N15 is one of many stellar products from Nectre, a company with a 42 year history of designing and producing high quality Australian made wood heaters. Their products are developed and tested in the state of the art calorific test rooms at their factory in Dry Creek, South Australia, making them a stand out amongst the competition. They also offer a range of other great wood heaters, including the MK1 and N60.

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