Modern Cabinet Styles

Modern cabinet styles look a lot like ordinary cabinets, but offer more storage space. They can improve your kitchen’s appearance and increase your home’s value.

Slab, wood veneer cabinet doors are a popular trend that offers a minimalist aesthetic. They are paired with sleek hardware, such as a tubular bar pull.
Natural Wood

Natural wood cabinets have seen a resurgence in popularity, offering an organic alternative to painted styles. Whether they are stained or left in their natural state, these cabinetry options are versatile enough to work with any design aesthetic.

Wood cabinets can be crafted from many different types of hardwood, with each having its own unique grain pattern and color. These characteristics make each wood type a good choice for a specific kitchen style.

Oak is a durable wood with both curved and straight grain patterns, and it works well with many designs. It’s also moderately priced. Cherry darkens with age, making it a popular option for traditional designs.

Hickory is a strong, fine-grained wood that has a wide range of tones, from light cream to reddish light brown or black. It has distinctive knots, color streaks, and pinholes that give it a rustic charm. Birch is a lightweight, durable wood that takes stains well and can be stained to look like more expensive species, like cherry or maple.
Mixed Metals

Many homeowners shy away from mixing metals in their homes because they are worried it will look dated. However, if done correctly, it can create beautiful contrast and depth to a room. A common rule of thumb is to mix warm metal shades with cool metal shades and use a variety of sheens, including matte and satin.

A popular combination is brass and copper, both of which are incredibly versatile. They work well with a range of designs, from farmhouse to industrial. Copper also develops a natural patina that adds character to kitchens over time.

Feldman says to choose a primary metal type for cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures, then incorporate a second metal type in the accents, like lighting and furniture. She recommends limiting the number of different types to three or less, and always making sure there is a cadence in the arrangement. For example, if your door handles are brushed nickel, your taps and lights should be the same metal type, and so on.
Neutral Colors

In a nod to our renewed love of nature, earthy greens continue to be an on-trend color for cabinets. Dark stains like olive and hunter green reconnect you with the natural world, while lighter shades like sage offer a fresh twist on traditional kitchens. For a more muted version of this trend, try Behr Laurel Tree or Benjamin Moore’s November Rain.

While a burst of bright color adds drama to your kitchen, neutral shades can also be incredibly versatile. Gray cabinet colors work well with a variety of design styles, and warm beige hues pair perfectly with traditional or farmhouse-style rooms.

When it comes to choosing a color for your cabinets, trends may provide inspiration but your personal taste is always the final say. If you’re concerned that a bold shade will date quickly or clash with your counters and backsplash, consider painting your cabinets instead of staining them. Paints are easy to refresh and can be changed as your tastes evolve.
Clean Lines

A clean, minimalist look is a modern cabinet trend that allows the natural wood texture to shine through. Troxell says that while white still dominates, there is a movement away from pickled finishes toward gray and neutrals. In woods, she sees a shift away from classic maple toward darker species, like birch and walnut.

Other modern cabinet trends include simple door styles. Flat-front doors (also known as slab doors) have no panels or other framing, and are easy to clean and refinish. Shaker doors are another popular option, featuring a frame of horizontal pieces called rails and vertical stiles that surround a recessed panel.

You can further accentuate the sleek lines of your modern cabinets with simple cabinet hardware. Tubular or rectangular bar pulls add a minimal aesthetic and can handle drawer weight without interrupting the cabinet’s clean lines. Adding a few open shelves can also break up the flow of your cabinets, allowing you to display decorative items such as colored cups or kitchen spices.

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