MK Bag Sale in UK – How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors

MK bag sale in uk is a name you’ve seen around – on the arms of women who have just got promoted, from women who clubbed together to buy their friend a new handbag for her birthday. These bags are known for being fashionable and affordable, but they’re also a little bit too ubiquitous.

How to spot a fake

Michael Kors is one of the hottest designer brands in the world and their bags are extremely popular. As a result, they are also the target of many counterfeiters. Fortunately, there are several ways to tell if a bag is fake.

The hardware should be a bit heavy and have a copper look to it. The logo should also be a solid color. If the lettering looks puffy or lackluster, it’s probably a fake. Also, the metal should be finished smooth and free of chips.

The lining fabric should match the zipper pocket and MK logo. However, fakes often use darker fabrics for these areas and don’t match the logo colors. Authentic MK bags also have a code on the back of the lining that includes two letters to identify the factory and plant where it was made and four numbers for the date. Fake MK bags don’t have this information. They may also have honeycomb lining and improper positioning of the MK lettering. michael kors bags women’s

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