Manicure Tables

The table you use to perform nail services will have a big impact on how comfortable your client is and the quality of work you can produce. It can also impact how many clients you can accommodate at one time and your mobility around the salon.

Tables Manucures are specialized workstations that typically include armrests for your client or guest and storage drawers for your tools and supplies. They are available in a variety of styles and prices.


A quality manicure table can be used for nail services, pedicures and hair treatments. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit the client and the technician. They are also affordable and easy to clean.

Manicure tables come with a specialized surface that facilitates cleanup and can be easily disinfected. These surfaces are also durable and can withstand the handling of acetone. They also have cabinets and drawers to store different tools and equipment.

The Kalolary manicure table is a portable workstation that can be used in a home spa, salon or for personal use. It has a storage drawer to hold all your tools and a sponge wrist cushion for added comfort. The table also has lockable wheels and a carrying bag for convenient transport and storage.

A good manicure table should have a nail dust collector to minimize the risk of contamination. It should also have a sturdy design and a comfortable working height for the technician.


A manicure workstation is a must for any nail technician who wants to provide his or her clients with a professional, comfortable experience. A portable table folds flat and includes a carrying case or storage bag for easy transport, allowing nail technicians to work wherever they choose.

Some tables include a fan and extractor that removes fumes and dust from the air, making them a valuable investment for nail technicians and their clients. This is especially important for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, as it reduces the amount of harmful chemicals and dust that they inhale during a session.

Most manicure tables also feature drawers for storing various tools and bottles of polish, which makes clean-up quick and easy. Some even have a wrist cushion that helps reduce the pressure on the client’s hands during a long session. They are also often equipped with a LED lamp that is ideal for lighting the nails and reducing eye strain.


Whether you want to set up your manicure table in a salon or in your home, make sure it offers enough space for the customer and nail technician to work comfortably. A spacious design makes it easy for technicians to reach the customers’ hands without disturbing them or creating a gap between them. If you’re a mobile nail tech, look for a manicure table that can be folded easily for storage purposes.

The material and durability of the manicure table are also important factors to consider when selecting one. Choose tables made from sturdy materials that can withstand the wear and tear of acetone polish remover and sharp tools. In addition, the table should have plenty of storage for nails and other tools. Lastly, look for a manicure table with a downdraft vent that automatically vacuums up dust and other debris, making clean-up easy. This feature is especially useful in preventing accidents that may harm your clients’ eyes.


Manicure tables help nail technicians stay organized and keep their tools within reach. This helps them to work more efficiently and provides clients with a better experience.

In addition, manicure tables are typically designed to be easily cleaned and sanitized between services. This ensures that they are safe for both the client and technician to use.

Another feature that nail technicians may find useful is a convenient bottle organizer. This can be used to store essential liquids, such as nail polish remover and other cleaners, without the need for additional storage cabinets or shelving.

Other important factors to consider when shopping for a manicure table are the type of storage and the durability of the product. Make sure the tables you are considering include drawers or shelves for storing tools and supplies. They should also be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

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