How to Use the Comments Section to Promote Your Brand

Commenting on YouTube videos is an important way to engage with your audience. It can also be a great tool to promote your brand.

If you come across a comment that breaches YouTube community guidelines, you can report it. This will alert YouTube to investigate and punish the user accordingly.
Getting started

The comments section is a powerful tool for YouTube users. It can help you create conversations, build a community, and grow your channel. Moreover, the YouTube algorithm promotes videos with a lot of comments. This is because more engagement translates to better search engine optimization.

However, it is important to avoid trolls. They can be very annoying and can deter viewers from commenting. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent them.

One way is to use a social media management software. This can help you manage all your YouTube channels and other social platforms in a single platform. It can also help you filter messages by content and urgency. It can even save you time by allowing you to create automated responses using canned responses. This can make your response time faster and improve customer satisfaction. Moreover, the software can also analyze customer feedback to improve your video strategy.
Highlighted comments

Highlighted comments are a feature that allows YouTube users to easily navigate through the comment section. The highlighted tag is automatically placed on top of the comment and displayed in a light gray color. This feature is especially helpful for viewers who want to find a specific comment or reply. Highlighted comments are also more prioritized than pinned comments, so they can appear above them in the list of comments.

To get a highlighted comment, you must first open the comment you wish to highlight. Then, click on the timestamp next to the commentator’s name and select “Open link in new tab.” From there, you can copy the URL for that video page and share it on social media or anywhere else.

Keep in mind that highlighted comments are only visible to the user who opened the notification link from their email inbox. Unlike pinned comments, highlighted comments are automatic and cannot be modified by anyone.
Replying to comments

Every YouTube creator gets negative comments from trolls. However, vloggers should learn to reply in an appropriate manner. Avoid using hateful words and instead ask them to suggest something positive. This will make the person feel happy and help you to build a good relationship. You can also use YouTube’s Smart Reply feature to respond to comments.

YouTube has also added a new feature that lets creators highlight viewer comments in their videos. This will allow them to keep conversations going and acknowledge passionate fans. This is a great way to engage with viewers and boost subscriber numbers.

Although it’s tempting to reply to trolls, it’s important not to feed them. Trolls want attention and will only get worse if you react to them. In addition, it may make others question the vlogger’s professionalism. So, the best thing to do is to ignore them and focus on your audience.
Deleted comments

YouTube is a great way for people to connect with one another, but it can also be a place for hateful comments and other content that violates the site’s terms of service. That’s why YouTube allows video creators to delete comments on their videos. They can also report other users’ comments if they are inappropriate or offensive.

Once a comment is deleted, it is removed from public view and cannot be recovered. However, it may still be saved on cached versions of the site. It’s important to keep this in mind when deleting comments.

The ability to recover deleted comments depends on how long ago the comment was deleted and whether it was backed up by Google. Additionally, it depends on the video publisher’s settings regarding comment notifications, as they might receive a notification if someone deletes their comment. As such, it’s best to only delete comments when you’re sure no one will see comments

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