How to Use Playlists to Bring More Viewers to Your YouTube Channel

Playlists are a great way to bring viewers to your YouTube channel. They help viewers find content that interests them and keep watching.

When creating a playlist, YouTube allows you to add up to 5,000 characters for the description. This description will be displayed in search results, so it should accurately represent what is contained in the playlist.
Organize your videos

You can create as many playlists as you want on YouTube. Each one can be public, private, or unlisted. You can also share them with other users by giving them the unique URL. Organizing your videos into series will make it easy for viewers to follow your content. This is a great way to keep them engaged and ensure that they get the full journey without having to think about it.

YouTube’s search algorithm takes into account the number of videos a channel has and how well they are tagged and organized into playlists. When you properly categorize your videos, they will rank higher in searches and suggest video results. Moreover, it will help viewers discover other videos on your channel. This will lead to a greater chance of conversion. This is a key factor in why some musicians and artists (such as Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth) started on YouTube and became famous.
Make it easy for viewers to find your videos

It’s important to make it easy for your audience to find the videos you want them to see. That means using a playlist’s URL wherever possible, including in end screens (video links at the end of your videos) and linking to a whole playlist rather than just one video in a playlist.

Playlists can also help your videos rank higher in search results. This is because YouTube favours videos from a playlist in the suggested videos section.

To create a playlist, first open the YouTube app and click on the three vertical dots on any video and select ‘Add to Playlist’. You can then choose to add a new playlist or browse your existing ones. You can then add a title and description to the playlist. This can be up to 5,000 characters so try to include keywords that people are searching for. There’s also an option to make the playlist public, private or unlisted. You can also set it as a series playlist, which lets viewers know that these are a set of videos to be watched in order as a series.
Create a flow to your videos

Whether they are your videos or curated content, playlists can bring more traffic to your YouTube channel by making it easier for viewers to find and watch videos that meet their needs. When a viewer clicks on a video in a playlist, they’ll be shown other videos that relate to the same topic and encourage them to keep watching.

When you create a playlist, you can name it anything you want (up to 150 characters) and set its visibility (Public, Unlisted or Private). Next, select Add videos and choose to either search for a video on YouTube, paste a URL or browse your own videos to add them to the playlist running order.

Lastly, select the option to make your playlist a Series Playlist. This will mark it as a collection of videos that should be watched in order, which can help influence the YouTube algorithm and make your videos appear higher up in search results.
Make it relevant to your audience

Playlists allow you to create and curate a series of videos around a theme. When a viewer sees your playlist on your channel homepage, they can click to watch that particular series of videos. This makes it very easy for viewers to find the video they are looking for.

Playlists are also a great way to target keywords that you would otherwise be unable to reach with individual videos. For example, if you have a video on how to cook microwavable meals, you can create a playlist with other videos about cooking and include that in the description. This will allow you to rank for the keyword ‘microwave mug meals’ without creating a new video.

Anyone – whether you are a creator or not – can make a playlist, however the best ones are well optimised with a descriptive title and a representative thumbnail. They are a powerful marketing tool for business playlist

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