Goodies Pub

Goodies Pub is a specialist in the object personalization and company goods. It supports companies, collectives and associations for their communication through the object with objects or textiles personalized with a text, logo or photo.

On its website, Goodies Pub offers business customers the option to pay by bank transfer via immediate or smart transfer. For the merchant, this solution automates all transfers flows and frees internal teams up for more value-added tasks.


The bar at goodies pub has a variety of drinks to choose from. Some of the most popular include vodka, gin, whisky, and fruit-based drinks. Vodka is a favorite for those who want to have a night they won’t remember in the morning (not speaking from experience, of course). You can get it on the rocks or with ice, and it can also be mixed with lemonade, coke, or orange juice.

Goodies Pub’s business customers are used to paying by bank transfer and they were reluctant to change this method. Without a bank transfer payment module on their website, the administration team had to process these requests by telephone or email. This involved time-consuming manual processes: providing the IBAN to the buyer, confirming the receipt of funds, identifying the transfer, linking it to the order to be processed, etc. Fintecture’s smart transfer solution has allowed Goodies Pub to automate these operations for a considerable gain in internal efficiency. It has also allowed the establishment to reduce their risk of fraud. Buyers can now track the status of their payments directly on the merchant’s website, like parcel tracking.


If you are in the mood for something sweet, Goodies also has a selection of homemade pastries like sugary yema balls clothed with orange cellophane and cookies tainted with dates or walnuts. You can even get a box of these treats to give as gifts.

Goodies Pub wanted to offer its customers a new way to pay by bank transfer, direct and online. Fintecture’s solution, Smart Transfer, allows them to automate all the steps of the process: detection of the receipt of funds, automatic reconciliation, elimination of all risk of error. This totally frees up internal teams, who can now focus on more value-added tasks.


Goodies is one of the most popular bars in the area and is a comfortable place to meet friends. Their food is also good and ranges from standard pub fare to more elegant dining cuisine. The atmosphere is warm and majestic, with subdued lighting and a mix of old school R&B and country music. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Vous souhaitez fideliser vos clients et vous donner une marque de qualité à votre entreprise? Quoi de mieux que des objets publicitaires personnalisables avec un texte, une lettre, un logo ou une photo? Avec Goodies Pub, vous trouverez une large gamme d’objets publicitaires personnalisables à un prix réduit.


At Goodies Pub, customers can buy personalized goodies online for their clients and employees. The company has a large selection of promotional products that can be customized with a text, logo, photo, etc.

These original corporate gifts will make your brand stand out and attract more attention. If your business is involved in environmental causes, it’s a good idea to offer reusable bags, for example. These communication objects will be appreciated by your target audience, especially if you’re targeting truck drivers.

Until now, it was impossible for business customers to pay by bank transfer on the Goodies Pub website. The e-commerce site only accepted credit card payments. This meant that the team had to deal with a lot of manual processing: providing the IBAN, confirming the receipt of funds, identifying the transferred amount, linking it to the order to be processed, etc. It was a time-consuming and error-prone process that slowed down the e-commerce site.

Since the implementation of Fintecture’s payment hub (immediate transfer and smart transfer), Goodies Pub has been able to automate its entire transfer flow. This has freed up internal teams from tedious manual interventions for a direct improvement in productivity. In addition, the system has also eliminated all risks of error for a total optimization of the transfer flows. For Goodies Pub, the result is an increase in customer satisfaction and a more efficient e-commerce site.

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