Disney Teddys – Instantly Huggable Characters

Bring home your favorite characters from Disney and Pixar movies. Each plush bear is shaped like the character for instantly huggable toys.

Teddy loves her mother, often lying to her about how cool she is (“Butt Dialing Duncans”). She also tries to impress Spencer in “Study Date”.

Diece-Lisa sells a patented stuffed animal called Lotso that it registered in 2022. Hance said that could allow it to invoke Rogers even if the Jack Daniel’s decision doesn’t apply.
Character Information

Teddy is a sweet, intelligent, creative, responsible 15 to 19 year old who cares about her friends and family. She has excellent grades, is involved in her school’s drama productions, and aspires to be an actress.

Teddy was created by Disney theme park designers (known as the Imagineers) in 2002 to debut at the Once Upon a Toy store in Walt Disney World. A back story was developed for the bear, which stated that Minnie Mouse had sewn a teddy bear and presented it to Mickey Mouse when he was sailing away on a ship, hoping he would feel less lonely during his journeys.

A new storyline replaced the original in 2004, following Duffy’s introduction at Tokyo Disney Resort. Since then, more friends have joined the bear and his family at other parks around the world, including ShellieMay and Gelatoni. The family also now has an animated series and a movie on the horizon.
Character Biographical Information

Teddy is a smart, creative, responsible 15 to 19-year-old girl who cares about her family and friends. She’s a natural at school and does very well in her academics. She loves to go shopping, hang out with her best friend Ivy Wentz and goes to the movies.

She’s the daughter of Bob and Amy Duncan. Her mother loves her and tries to protect her from the world. She scolds her often but still treats her with love.

Unlike most Disney characters, Duffy was not first introduced in a TV show or movie but instead in a retail store at Walt Disney World’s Once Upon a Toy in 2002. It was only a few years later that Disney theme park designers, known as the imagineers, decided to make Duffy a spotlight character and give him a back story. Currently, he is sold at every Disney theme park complex and at the Asian parks, Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea as well as at the company’s Aulani resort in Hawaii.
Character Characteristics

Teddy is a shy, sweet, and thoughtful character who loves her family. She’s very protective of her younger brother and tries to be a good daughter. She tries to hide her love for Spencer Walsh from her mother and she often lies, such as when she pretends she’s excited for Ivy to watch Dusk at midnight instead of admitting that she’s just not interested.

She also gets jealous when her best friend Amy becomes “text mates” with her crush, PJ. She’s a goody-two-shoes but sometimes shows anger and frustration.

Buster is a hyperactive, energetic, and friendly dog who obeys commands given to him by Woody. He is a faithful companion and is loyal to his owner. He is described by Andy as his “best toy” in Toy Story 3 and passes on to Bonnie at the end of the film. He has a distinct appearance as he wears lederhosen and a Tyrolean hat. He is also a playable character in the Toy Box mode of the Toy Story Racer video game.
Character Relationships

Teddy loves her little sister Charlie, whom she cares for, even though they don’t get along well at times. She creates a video diary for her, because she fears she won’t be around when Charlie is older. She also has a crush on Spencer Walsh, and she becomes jealous when Ivy gets “text-mates” with her mother.

Tour Guide Barbie (voiced by Jodi Benson) is a Barbie doll who gives the toys a tour of Al’s Toy Barn. She later helps Woody reunite with his friends at the end of Toy Story 2.

Mr. Spell (voiced by Jeff Pidgeon) is a toy robot that has a keyboard on its back, and can speak words through typing them in. He holds toy seminars on topics such as plastic corrosion awareness. He is used by Buzz to make sure all of Andy’s toys are accounted for before the yard sale in Toy Story 2. He is later seen alongside the group of Troll dolls during the opening sequence of Toy Story 3. The Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots are another pair of robots who appear with the toys.Disney Teddys

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