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Conservatories are fantastic additions to your home, but they can get dirty and messy very quickly. Cleaning your conservatory can be difficult, especially when it’s full of leaves and other debris.

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Heat Insulation

The roof of a conservatory is a natural source of heat, but without insulation it can quickly lose this warmth and become cold in the winter. By installing a thermally efficient roof from Securahome you can enjoy your conservatory year round, no matter the weather.

Insulated conservatories retain heat during the winter and are not too hot in summer, making them a comfortable space to relax and unwind. This will also help reduce electricity bills and increase resale value.

An insulated conservatory will block out harmful UV rays, which can cause your furniture to fade and become unsightly over time. By preventing these rays from reaching your furniture, you can avoid the need for costly repairs and keep it looking good for longer.

Sound Insulation

Conservatories bridgend are a great way to add more living space and enjoy your garden all year round. However, over time they can become outdated and inefficient. Upgrading to an Ultraframe livinroof conservatory is a cost-effective solution and will save you money on energy bills.

The multiple layers of insulation prevent sound from penetrating into your home and reduces noise pollution from outside. These layers consist of wadding, foil, and air pockets. The insulation also reduces the transmission of vibrations, and cladding keeps the sound in place. This option is less expensive than other sound-reducing options, like removing your existing roof or adding window film.

Gable conservatories are often compared to orangeries, but they differ in that their apex design brings natural light into your home through the roof. They are the perfect choice for homes that want to bring a touch of elegance and grandeur to their property. The unique apex shape of these conservatories adds character and charm to any house.

Light Control

A conservatory is a great way to connect your home with nature. It creates a perfect transition between indoors and outdoors, which is not as easy to achieve with gazebos or pergolas. It also adds a significant amount of value to your property, especially in the winter when natural light is scarce.

Compared to conventional windows, conservatories offer a superior level of energy efficiency and comfort. This is mainly because the glass panes are properly designed to keep sunlight at bay, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory all year round without worrying about excessive heat.

In addition, conservatories are made from sturdy materials that do not require much maintenance work. Keeping the walls and roof clean is essential to maintain good insulation and lighting levels. A well-lit room has a positive impact on mood and promotes both work and play. Choosing the right type of lighting is crucial to achieving this effect, and there are many options available. For example, wall lights are an excellent choice for glazed areas and they can help to brighten up a room with minimal effort.

Temperature Control

If you’re worried that your existing conservatory is too cold in winter and too hot in summer to enjoy, we can help. We can supply and install a reverse cycle heat pump which will give you the perfect temperature all year round, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The type of conservatory you choose will also affect how much heat it retains, with timber frames offering good levels of temperature control compared to uPVC options. These will offer excellent thermal performance with low U-values and a choice of glazing including self-tinting glass which darkens during the hottest part of the day.

Alternatively you could go for a tiled roof which is extremely energy efficient. These will have impressively low U-values and can be fitted with solar control which reduces glare, making it more usable throughout the year. UFH is another way of heating a conservatory, but these are costly and only really suitable for new-build conservatories. They’re essentially skirting heaters and run in a trench around the edges of the room, so are not well suited to older existing conservatories. conservatories bridgend

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